News from 2017

Whoo Hoo! We made it to 2017!! This year’s show schedule has been updated.

News from 2016

With very limited showing this year Kristin Sturtevant and Kryptonite have finished fourth in the year end standings with the THJA in the Low Jr AO Jumpers! This was their first year to move up to this division and we can’t be more proud of how they have done. Way to go Team TB!


Congratulations to Chloe Miner on the lease of Westley and a special thank you to Charles McDaniel for helping us find such a super horse. Chloe has come so far in a year with the help of the incredible Daisy Mae and now she’s going to take her next leap into the Children’s hunter ring aboard Westley.

Daisy MaeWestley


Congratulations to Megan Majewski on the lease of “Wolafenstan” from Meredith Van Benthuysen of Crying Coyote Farm in Dade City, Florida. This big guy will carry her through the Big Eq ring until she leaves next year for college (booooooo).



The first show of the fall was a smashing success!! Sam Reynoso moved up to the 3′ Younger Children’s Hunters with Bankrupt earning herself a blue ribbon their first time out! Brenda Jackson and AC Dee Cee went back to the show ring after Brenda’s 16 (!!!) year hiatus and bought home Reserve champion in the Long Stirrup division. Mona Midani was hot on her heels with Armani winning several classes. Ta-Da! aka Father Kyle jumped to the leader board with Champion in the Baby Green Hunters his very first time out. The ever present Daisy Mae and Chloe Miner rocked Limit Hunter Land with Champion wk 1 and Reserve Champion wk 2!!! Kristin and Megan rode their tails off and came home with good ribbons too!!! Such a great way to start the fall. Good job girls!!!

Congratulations to Mona Midani on the lease of “Armani”. Again a big thank you to Rio Vista Farm on helping us find the perfect match!

Kristin Sturtevant is a winner yet again, this time on the purchase of “Father Kyle”. This pretty boy will make his debut this fall in the hunter ring.

Father Kyle

Megan Majewski has been accepted into the EAP Regional Training Program Session here at The GSWEC in Katy. Good job kid!!!

Congratulations to Callie Francise and her trainer Ashley Glisson of Sun Fox Farm in Baton Rouge LA on the lease of “Riviere”.  We look forward to seeing good things from them this year in the Adult Hunter division.

Congratulations to Sam Reynoso on the lease of “Bankrupt” aka Moose from Rachel Lindsey of Madrone Ranch. What a super cool guy to get to ride this years. She will be making her debut in the Children’s Hunter’s this fall. We’d also like to congratulate Sami Summerford on the lease of Charlie! Sami is going to be starting in the Pre Beginner ring this fall and Charlie is just the man for the job.

sam_moose                                sami_charlie

Congratulations to Alex Jackson on the purchase of her new horse “Fortified Kost” aka Jimmy. Many thanks to Gina Ranson of Whitehouse NY for her help with this sale. I can’t wait to get him home!

We’d like to welcome Samantha Reynoso to the family all the way from Nebraska. she’ll looking for her next horse to take her to the Children’s Hunters and Equitation rings this fall. So glad to have you with us!!

The Blue Ribbon Horse Show in Waco was great fun as always. Chloe Miner and Daisy Mae were Champion in the Limit Hunter Division, second in the Modified Children’s Equitation Over Fences and Eighth in their very first Children’s Adult Zone 7 Handy Hunter Challenge. Chloe was the youngest rider while Daisy was the oldest mount. Sherry Frankel’s Risque moved up to the 2’9″ Low Hunters with a pile of seconds and thirds including a second out of 28 in the Add Back! Megan and Kristin brought home a pile of ribbons in the Jr Hunters and Jr A/O Jumpers. I had a great time, can’t wait to do it again!


Congratulations to Brooklyn Bean on the lease of Archer. Thanks to Susan and Bill McMorris of Rio Vista Farm for sending us such a lovely horse.

Congratulations to Liz Magyar on the purchase of her new horse Lincoln. Thank you Laura Jumpp of Jumpp Equestrian in Pennsylvannia for being so willing to work with us down here in TX and thanks to Kaiser Equine for getting him here safely with all the flooding!


It was a Fiesta at the Fiesta Classic! Four out of Five horses and riders were Champion or Reserve Champion and the other one only missed it by a point!!! Such a fun week! Can’t wait for Waco next!



Pin Oak and Spring Gathering were a big success. Daisy Mae and Chloe Miner were amazing in the Limit and Modified Child Divisions with a first place finish out of 26 in the hack!!! Kristin and Kryptonite moved up to the Low Jr/AO’s and had a great time with great ribbons. Risque proved her worth with top ribbons in the Baby Greens in AMAZING company. Megan and Black Diamond Sky did a stellar job at such a HUGE show in the 3’3″ Junior Hunter and made the jog more than a few times.


Congratulations to Kristin Sturtevant on the purchase of her new pet Levi. Thank you Kaiser Equine for getting him here all the way from CT!!


Congratulations to Stana Hanson of Boone, Iowa on the purchase of Benz! Can’t wait to see him excelling in his new job!

Congratulations to Evelyn Drake and Amy Sunday of Silver Lining Farm on the purchase of Major General. We are so happy that he’ll have such a good home with such a lovely young rider.


Congratulations to Raine Padawer and Family on the purchase of Will Boogie! Special thanks to her trainer Anne Godfrey for being super wonderful in helping make this happen!

Will Boogie

Winter Series was a HUGE success with winners everywhere! Kristin and Kryptonite won the $2500 High Children’s Adult Classic with a blazing time, Megan and Black Diamond Sky won several classes including the 3’3″ Junior Hunter Handy round, Sherry Frankle’s Risque was amazing her first show out in the Baby Greens with several wins including a first out of 26! Brooklyn Bean and 12th Man also were winners in a large class of 20+ and Chloe Miner and Daisy Mae were in the top ribbons everywhere there first time out at 2’6″. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone and we had such a great time at the show.

Black Diamond Sky   risque01_winter2016   clark_winter2016

We have SEVERAL new client to welcome to the farm. Darlene Tracey has sent us her 6 year old Warmblood mare “Nikki” for jumper training. Miss Katherine Lindzey and “Shaman” have relocated to Houston and will be joining our show team in the hunter ring and Miss EV Stumptner and “Sully” are joining us at the end of January. We are so excited to have such a nice group of people move in for us to ride and train with.

News from 2015

The Thanksgiving Show was a blast as usual, Megan Majewski and Black Diamond Sky moved up to the 3’3″ Junior Hunters with second and third places. Chloe Miner made her debut on Daisy Mae earning a Reserve Champion in the Opportunity Hunters. She’s on her way to Limit Hunters come February. Kristin Sturtevant and Kryptonite put in stellar rounds with a second place finish in the 1.15 on Sunday.

Black Diamond Sky

Congratulations to Chloe Miner on the lease of Daisy Mae. A HUGE Thank You to Susan and Bill McMorris, Rio Vista Farm and Ghirling Farm for giving us such an opportunity.

Final Chase was good to Chloe and AC Dee Cee with a Champion in the Short Stirrup ring out of 16 horses after they were Reserve Champions at the Autumn Classic. Kryptonite and Black Diamond Sky were both Zone 7 Thoroughbred Reserve Champions too!

Go Boogie! Will Boogie was Champion at the Britannia Farm Fall Classic out of 12 Baby Green Horses.


Congratulations to Brooklyn and 12th Man, Champions in the Modified Children’s Hunters at the Great Southwest Fall Classic out of 17 horses! I’m so proud of how far you have come!!!!

The official results are in and with limited showing our very own Kryptonite has finished the 2015 season in third place NATIONALLY in the Take2 TB Associations Jumper division!!!!! Congratulations Kristin!!!


We are happy to announce the arrival of Becca Mayville‘s mare Kindle from New York this week. She’s just in time for some lovely Texas fall riding weather.

Congratulations to Megan Majewski on the lease of the TB Black Diamond Sky. Thanks to Dev Branham for making this lease possible! This super cute gelding is multi talented, excelling in both the hunter and jumper arenas.

Another warm welcome to Alexa Wilson and her beautiful paint hunter Major. Alexa shows in the Modified Adults at the local shows and would like to get to a few “A” shows this year.

We’d like to welcome Brooklyn Bean and her horse 12th Man (Ozzie) to the farm. Brooklyn competes in the Limit and Modified Children’s Hunters with her eye on some Medals this fall.

Handy Hunter Challenge Oklahoma 2015

Congratulations to Megan Martin on the acquisition of Lucky. So nice to see you back in the (english) saddle again!!

The May Fiesta Classic was a blast!! Chloe and AC Dee Cee made their debut in the Opportunity Hunters winning two blue ribbons out of ten competitors their very first day. We are so excited for her!!!! Kristin and Kryptonite were right there with top ribbons as always. Riviere and Will Boogie were both PHENOMINAL and were in the top ribbons every time. Such nice young horses to ride! We had a great time and can’t wait for the next show!

Chloe and AC Dee Cee

We’d like to welcome Alex Jackson and her horse Texas Tea to the barn. Formerly known as Baby Benz, Tea is a LBF alumni and we are so happy he has come back into the barn. We look forward to Alex’s career in the Jumpers and Eq with him. What a great horse!

We have another new recruit, Noodle. Owned by Mrs. Georgia Carter, Noodle is just starting his career in the hunter ring, look for him this fall in the baby greens!

Pin Oak was a great success with Kryptonite again coming home Champion in the Take2 TB jumpers and winning the High Adult Speed Class. Will Boogie also brought home some great ribbons in the Baby Greens and Riviere was a star despite the horrific mud and moved up to the 3’3″ Pre Greens week II!!

Will Boogie    11206827_395179037341458_5578215870816355925_o     Riviere

Congratulations to Kristin Sturtevant on the purchase of her latest Thoroughbred “Charlie”. This lovely chestnut gelding registered as King Arathas came direct to us from Retama Park in San Antonio and is all ready showing great promise as a hunter. So fun!!

Congratulations to Kristin and Kryptonite for their Champion Honors in the Take2 Thoroughbred Jumper division at the Katy Winterfest “AA” show weeks II and III as well as Reserve Champion in the High Adult Jumpers!


News from 2014

We’d like to welcome Chloe Miner and Becca Mayville to the LBF Family. Both of them have moved to Texas from the east coast and are looking to continue their riding careers. We are glad to welcome you to Texas and look forward to having lots of fun!

Hello and Welcome to Beth Greenbaum and her horse Gunny! Long time friend and now LBF alumni.

Will Boogie is Champion BYH again, this time at the GSW Fall Classic!

Congratulations to Liz Magyar on her purchase of Jayce and thanks to Charles McDaniels of Wild Sunday Farm for helping is to find such a nice horse as well as assisting us in the sale of Camaro.

Congratulations to Mona Midani on the purchase of River. This beautiful big grey gelding bu Riverman will be a great addition to the show string. Look for him in the Pre Greens in 2015 and in the Modified Adults with Mona.

Welcome Dana Harper! Danah will be riding Meredith Duggar’s horse Scout for the summer.

Congrats to Megan Majewski on leasing Cirillo. This beautiful Zangesheide stallion comes from Mr. Charles McDaniels of Wild Sunday Farm. Thank you!


Uh Oh! Emily’s younger sister Mary Kate is getting into the riding idea! She will soon be making her debut in the Pre Beginners with the ever trusty Jasper.

Mary Kate and Jasper

Welcome to Brenda Jackson and her horse Bandini. Brenda is a former LBF client that has returned to tune up her hunter skills. She is also the former owner of Joe AKA Cabana Boy, one of our longtime favorite horses!

 The ladies were amazing at Pin Oak with Megan Majewski and Ascari Power racking up great ribbons week I and then Ascari and Kristin Sturtevant laid down beautiful trips week II to also bring home top ribbons. Kristin and Kriptonite were Reserve Champions in a HUGE field of Low Adult Jumpers and !

We’d like to welcome Megan Majewski to LBF. Many thanks to Kate O’Keefe for allowing us to ride her lovely horse Ascari Power in the upcoming Pin Oak Horse Show.

Emily Najvar and Jasper were brilliant today their second time in Novice and earned really good ribbons for their hard work.

Kriptonite and Kristin winners again this time in the Low Adult Classic at the GSW Winter Series II As well as division Champion! Will Boogie was Reserve Champion Best Young Horse in the Hunter Breeding division Week IV and Atlantis brought home two second place ribbons in the High Pre Greens.


Results from 2013
Way to go ladies!!! Congratulations!!!!!



Kriptonite and Kristin Sturtevant CHAMPION Zone 7 Low Adult Jumper and Third place THJA Low Adult Jumper!!


Will Boogie and Suzanne Hickham Champion in Zone 7 AND THJA Two Year Old Hunter breeding and FIFTH in the country!!!!!


Atlantis and Kristin Sturtevant   Reserve Champion Zone 7 and THJA Reserve Champion Adult Hunter 18-35!!


Emily Najvar and Jasper Reserve Champion STHJA Short Stirrup Hunter!!

News from 2013

The ribbons Keep piling up! Kriptonite was champion again at both the Fiesta Classic “A” in June as well as the Fall Classic “A” in October in the Low Adult jumpers with MANY more good ribbons in between. Atlantis was Champion again at the GSWEC Fall Classic “A” and Will Boogie was Champion at the Southwest Showdown “A” as well as Champion and Reserve at the Louisiana Fall Classic “A”. Emily Najvar keeps racking up the ribbons at the STHJA shows with both a champion and a reserve to her name at the last two shows.Will Boogie, RESERVE CHAMPION at the International Hunter Futurity Midwest Finals!

Congratulations to Suzanne Hickham and Will Boogie. Champion Hunter Breeding Horse at the Spring Gathering “AA” show as well as Reserve Champion of the Pin Oak “AA” show and Fiesta Classic “A” show.

Kristin Sturtevant’s horses have been AMAZING this spring with top ribbons with stiff competition at the Pin Oak “AA” I and II and then bring home Champion ribbons with BOTH Atlantis and Kriptonite at the Fiesta Classic “A” show.

Congratulations to Emily Najvar and Jasper on being Champion AGAIN in the Short Stirrup division! Great job!! We are looking forward to her moving up to Novice this spring.